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When choosing lighters, how do you decide which model will have the most effective advertising effect?


Cheap lighters printed with your logo offer cost-effective advertising opportunities for companies, especially during large marketing campaigns or events. Their low acquisition costs enable wide distribution, resulting in widespread brand exposure.


Premium lighters printed with your logo convey a feeling of luxury, which contributes to a positive perception of your company and increases the chances of a long-term relationship with your special customers. Focusing on quality rather than quantity is the key to ensuring high recognition value.

  • Target Audience: Understand your target audience and their preferences. A lighter that fits your specific audience will be more effective.
  • Usefulness: An effective promotional gift should have a practical use. A lighter that is used frequently in everyday life offers more opportunities for visibility.
  • Quality: Choose lighters of high quality. High-quality products leave a better impression and are used longer, which can increase the advertising effect.
  • Design and logo: The design of the lighter and the clear visibility of your logo are crucial. Choose an attractive design and ensure your logo is highly visible and durable.
  • Versatility: A lighter that has multiple uses could be more effective. For example, if it is easily transportable or refillable.
  • Sustainability: Consider the environmental impact and favor sustainable materials. An eco-friendly lighter can have a positive impact on your brand.
  • Budget: The available budget plays a role. It is important to find a balance between cost and quality to obtain an effective advertising tool.
  • Event or Occasion: If the lighter is being distributed as a promotional gift at a specific event or occasion, it should fit in thematically and reflect the occasion.

Have lighters printed 

Printing on lighters allows you to showcase your brand in a unique way. Each printed lighter with your company logo/motif becomes a personalized advertising medium that makes the identity of your company clearly visible. This means you can design an individual advertising lighter that represents your company in no time. Printed lighters as advertising materials create a long-lasting connection between your brand and potential customers. Printed lighters are popular giveaway items that can be handed out to visitors and potential new customers at trade fairs and events. Printed lighters are also among the world's most popular promotional items.


Lighters with logo/motif

Lighters with a logo are undoubtedly among the absolute favorites in the area of promotional items. These small fire dispensers are not only very popular as promotional gifts, but are also extremely versatile. Regardless of whether you choose inexpensive disposable lighters with your logo or prefer high-quality metal lighters - our online portal offers a wide selection of promotional lighters that you can refine with your company logo or slogan. Take a look at our range now and discover not only the common plastic lighter models, but also innovative variants such as arc lighters or LED lighters.


Lighters with advertising

Discover the creative world of advertising with individually printed lighters! Lighters with advertising are not only practical everyday items, but also powerful advertising media. By cleverly printing them with your company logo or a catchy message, they become an effective tool for integrating your brand into the everyday life of your target group. Whether at events, as a promotional gift or as part of a targeted marketing campaign - lighters with advertising can be used in a variety of ways and leave a lasting impression. Use this cost-effective and handy advertising option to increase your business's visibility while providing practical value to your customers. Embrace this cost-effective yet effective advertising strategy to not only light fires but also ignite awareness about your brand.


Lighters personalized with logo/motif 

Personalized lighters are not only practical companions in everyday life, but also effective advertising tools to present your brand in a unique and distinctive way. With the ability to design promotional lighters according to your wishes and add a logo, slogan or a unique design, you can create a unique experience for your customers. Regardless of whether you prefer inexpensive plastic lighters or elegant metal lighter options, the variety of personalized lighters allows you to authentically present your brand identity. These handy promotional items are perfect for trade fairs, events or as an exclusive addition to your product portfolio. Through daily use, your advertising message becomes an integral part of your target group's everyday life. Invest in personalized lighters to not only grab attention but also build a long-term connection with your customers. Discover our diverse selection of customizable lighters in the online shop now and set unique accents for a sustainable brand presence!


Lighters as promotional gifts: Creative, useful and unforgettable

Discover the creative world of promotional gifts with lighters as individual and practical giveaways. Lighters are not only ideal as printed advertising materials, but also offer a versatile platform to present your company in style. With long-lasting functionality and a wide range of uses, promotional lighters are a smart choice to impress customers while effectively promoting your brand. Take your marketing strategy to the next level and rely on lighters as personalized promotional items for a lasting and positive brand presence. Rely on the everyday effect of lighters as a promotional gift and discover our diverse selection in the online shop - strengthen your brand with lasting impressions! 


Affordable lighters for effective advertising campaigns

For companies looking for cost-effective advertising materials, inexpensive logo lighters are an excellent choice. Logo printed lighters offer an affordable way to promote your brand without sacrificing quality and visual impact. Cheap lighters printed with a logo are a smart investment not only in terms of advertising effect, but also in terms of budget friendliness.


Lighter practical use and suitability for everyday use

Lighters are undeniably useful and are one of the everyday items. By choosing lighters as a promotional gift, you give your customers and business partners something that they can use regularly. Be it for lighting candles with cheaper lighters, stick lighters for the barbecue evening or storm lighters for the everyday needs of smokers - your gift will find a place in everyday life and thus keep your brand present in the long term.


Creative lighter customization with logo

Customizing lighters allows companies to present their brand in a fascinating way. Targeted lighter customization with a company logo, slogan or design creates a direct connection to the target group. Due to their properties, these individual promotional items remain deeply in the memory of the recipient. Use the original design freedom of lighter customization to highlight your brand. Discover our selection of lighters for customization in the online shop now and rely on an unmistakable brand presence!


Refillable lighters printed with logo for long-lasting advertising effect

Refillable printed lighters with a logo/motive have a longer promotional effect than many other printed promotional gifts. Compared to paper brochures or disposable items, sustainable lighters tend to stay in the recipient's possession for longer. This leads to a lasting advertising effect as your brand remains in the target group's consciousness over a longer period of time.

The fascination of diversity: A journey through different brands of lighters


At ∞ Infinity Lighters ∞ there is a fascinating variety of lighter brands, all of which are unique in their own way. From timeless cult status to modern technology, various lighter brands offer a wide range of lighters. On our homepage you will find a variety of promotional lighter categories, each with its own special features. This variety of lighters not only reflects our individual preferences, but also the creativity and versatility of the lighter manufacturers. Let's go on a journey of discovery and explore some of the most fascinating brands of lighters. 


Printed BiC® lighters with logo | The reliable disposable lighter 

The BiC® brand of lighters; a globally known brand, has made a name for itself for its reliable disposable lighters. The simple elegance and the wide range of colors make BiC® lighters popular everyday companions. The quality and functionality make them not only a practical choice, but also provide excellent advertising space for your company.


Printed Clipper® lighters with logo | Style and sustainability combined 

The Clipper® brand of lighters; has established itself as a brand that combines style and environmental awareness. These refillable lighters are known not only for their durability but also for their eco-friendly materials. The distinctive round design and diverse motifs make Clipper® lighters an attractive choice for those who value sustainability and aesthetics in lighters.


Printed Tom® lighters with logo | Innovative design and quality

The Tom® brand of lighters; are characterized by their innovative design and high quality. The wide product range, including electronic lighters and storm lighter models, addresses different needs. The combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal makes Tom® lighters a brand that stands for modern elegance.


Printed Unilite® lighters with logo | Robustness and reliability 

The Unilite® brand of lighters; is known for its robust lighters, which are particularly suitable for outdoor activities. These weatherproof lighter models are built to last and have special features that make them reliable, even in extreme conditions. Unilite® lighters are the perfect choice for adventurers and nature lovers.


Printed Go® lighters with logo | Compact, on-the-go versatility

The Go® brand of lighters; offer compact lighters for on the go. With a slim design and easy handling, Go® lighters are ideal companions for people who value mobility and functionality. The diverse color options and light weight make them a practical choice for everyday lighter use.


Printed Formula® lighters with logo | Elegance and precision

The Formula® brand of lighters; embody elegance and precision. With a focus on design and quality workmanship, these lighters are more than just everyday items - they are an expression of style and class. Formula® lighters rely on quality and technology to appeal to a demanding target group of lighter users.


Printed Lux® lighters with logo | Tradition and sophistication 

The Lux® brand of lighters; embody tradition and sophistication. With their high-quality workmanship and fine materials, they are not only functional lighters, but also stylish accessories. Lux® lighters focus on timeless elegance in lighters and thus appeal to lighter lovers of exclusive design. 


Printed Zorr® lighters with logo | Robust craftsmanship for the professional

The Zorr® brand of lighters; stands for robust craftsmanship and reliability. The lighters of this brand are designed to meet the needs of professionals. With special features and durable materials, Zorr® lighters are the choice for those who value quality and performance in lighters.


Printed Zippo® lighters with logo | The cult lighter with charm

The Zippo® brand of lighters; is a real cult lighter that stands out for its characteristic design and the famous guarantee. These refillable petrol lighters are not only reliable, but also a symbol of timeless elegance. Zippo® lighters are not only everyday items, but also collector's items with a special charm.


Printed Cricket® lighters with logo | Compact innovation for everyday life


The Cricket® brand of lighters; are characterized by their compact size and innovative technology. The brand relies on modern solutions to offer practical and reliable lighters for everyday life. With a focus on ease of use and design, Cricket® lighters are perfect companions for people with an active lifestyle.


Printed Vio® lighters with logo | Stylish companion for discerning connoisseurs 

The Vio® brand of lighters; are stylish companions for discerning connoisseurs. The brand places emphasis on affordable lighters and combines it with sophisticated designs. With a small but affordable range of lighters, Vio® lighters appeal to an audience that values quantity and price.


Printed Atomic® lighters with logo | Modern technology for unique experiences 

The Atomic® brand of lighters; rely on modern designs in different types of lighters to create unique experiences. With innovative functions such as LED lighting or integrated gadgets, the Atomic® lighters offer more than just a simple ignition option. These models are aimed at people who are looking for modern and technological solutions in lighters.




Overall, the different lighter brands offer a wide range of lighters that meet the different needs and preferences of consumers. Whether it's lighters with classic elegance, robust functionality or innovative technology, there is a lighter for every taste and occasion.

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